Tuesday, December 01, 2009

oops, i missed november

but only by one day, so i'm not doing that badly.

i finished a project, but i can't show you, because it's a christmas gift.

i bought some yarn, but i can't tell you about it, because it's a christmas gift.

so ummm... here's some corned beef hash with roasted beets and sweet potatoes to tide you over:

used the cook's illustrated best recipe as a jumping off point. so good.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

once a month

i will try to vow to write at least once a month. Crafty Bastards has me back on the fiberwagon, so here i am.

business was good at the fair - lots of yarn found hopefully happy homes. a few newer knitters were asking how much sock yarn it'd take to make a scarf... more power to folks who knit scarves from sock yarn, but i'm thinking it might be time to test drive some worsted weights and see if we can add one to the inventory.

on my needles right now are lots of hats, in prep for a winter craft fair and a couple of new babies. my camera is still packed from this weekend, so no pics today, but hopefully soon!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Crafty Prep

First of all, the main woman behind Woolarina is now plus one baby boy! congratulations, Paula!

baby Oliver means that I need to pick up the pace in carrying the weight of the wool, at least when it comes to Crafty Bastards, a fair that we wouldn't miss. I'll be flying down for the weekend, yarns in tow. I'm still in the process of dyeing, so if anyone has colorway recommendations, send them this way!

I've had the week off of work recovering from pesky medical issues, so I've been entertaining myself by knitting on very small needles. I have a whole box of odds and ends from previous dye jobs, so I started making wrist warmers. None of them match, but they do show off the yarns that I've made, and they've been keeping me company while watching season three of Dexter and some Red Sox games.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

sunny days

Okay, it's been years since I managed to knit a sweater of any kind. I know myself well enough to know that sleeves and seams are not likely to happen, but I have an 8-hour car ride to and from NYC this weekend, so I figure I should have something to work on. Plus, I sit in front of the tv for baseball games a lot these days, so more mindless projects will come in handy.

Thus, I've decided that Soleil is a good next project to put on the needles. I have a full bag of Classic Elite Premiere that's been in my closet for years that should be perfect. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Originally uploaded by kismet09
Paula gifted this yarn to me for xmas, and i've been fretting about how to do it justice. it's a gorgeous handpaint from fleece artist called Suri Blue, a blend of Suri Alpaca and Blue Face Leicester, in the Midnight colorway. I finally decided on a half-pi shawl, since I had such good luck with the full pi shawl that I gifted away. Yet another mindless knit, and that's all I seem to like these days.


Originally uploaded by kismet09
i'm still here. i'm barely knitting. it was too cold to dye in the basement in the winter in maine. but, i do have a traveling scarf that made it home that i figured i should show off. it's about 8" wide, and fairly short, and i like it a lot. i was worried about what a bunch of different reds might look like together, but it turns out that they behave just fine. i have two more projects to show off, but i'm too lazy to code things, so i'm going to keep using this flickr blog engine to post them, and just make them two new posts instead of combining everything.