Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Scarf Plans

Okay, back in March, I had decided to knit the Child's Rainbow Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, which is basically just a mistake rib scarf alternating two yarns. My yarns are handspuns, one black, one multi. I love that I can type "Child's Rainbow Scarf" into google and see so many pics of others' scarves. Looking at this one, I think I can get away with doing black against rainbow stripes, and not have it look too dramatic...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

time for some substance

I've been knitting lots of hats and wrist warmers, and I think I need some bigger projects that aren't quite as big as the flower basket shawl (which I screwed up awhile ago and have let languish in my knitting basket ever since).

So, if any of you have favorite man scarf patterns to share or link to here, particularly some that might work well with variegated worsted to bulky weight yarns, please share! I've done basketweave for the last two, but I think I want to try something different, and would rather not fall back on 2x2 rib or mistake rib, even though that's the direction I'm currently headed in.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


My back gets stupid amounts of tired when I have dyefests these days. Tim says he felt it in the weeks after turning thirty (which I just did, less than two weeks ago), and I can't disagree that the pains feel more pronounced, annoying as it is.

Anyway, I got a bunch of dyeing done this weekend. I admit that I fell back, largely, on my favorite color combos, which means more purple than you can shake a stick at (unless you really want to shake one, but really, it'll look pretty silly):

September Colorways

I also had a special order request from Maia for some yarn similar to one that I've dyed before, but in a larger batch. It was fun to work from someone else's inspiration, and hopefully the yarn will do it justice:


I have a fan full-blast on the yarn right now, so hopefully it'll be dry in time to send off to Crafty Bastards. I think if it goes out tomorrow, priority mail, it'll work out...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

I would dye more if...

I've been putting off a dye day for a long time, both because it's lonely to do it by myself now that I've moved so far from my counterpart, and because my new house is not at all conducive to the dye process.

First, I have to mix the dyes from powder. Dyes are extra-toxic in powder form, so I do this in my basement. This involves hauling super-hot water down to the basement from the kitchen, since there's no sink/faucet in the basement, and then propping everything on top of the washing machine, because there's no table. Then, I have to clean the washine machine, because I inevitably splash dye about. I put my dye containers (which are 32oz and plastic) in a big box, and haul them upstairs, along with my squeeze bottles. I now have two boxes of containers, and more squeeze bottles than fit in the carrier I use (which I call a grooming box, 'cause that's what they're used for in the horse world, where I used to live).

I mix my colors over the sink, because it's too dark in the basement, and there's no drainage, so again, more mess, at least this part's in the sink. I have one small piece of counter on to which I can lay rovings to prep them for steam-dyeing, which isn't really enough space. Plus, I have to clear off the counter, since it's usually full of my cutting board, knives, and other kitchen ephemera.

After the yarn/roving is dyed, I haul it back down to the basement so that I can whirl it about in the washing machine on spin cycle to pull some water out. Then back upstairs, where I hang it in my bathtub to dry.

Oh, for a studio. I'd make so much more yarn in a studio. I guess I get more exercise this way, but it's awfully high-maintenance.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Craft Fair Alert

This weekend is stART on the Street '06!

I'll be there! Dharia will be there! Spinning, selling, and other merriment will ensue! Come and visit. Check out my bright burgundy hair.