Saturday, January 29, 2005

finally, a picture!

Even better than a picture, an announcement: we finally broke down and ordered DSL, which means I may actually post more frequently, and with more pictures (as it took 6 minutes to upload two pictures to my fotki site via dialup). In any case, here's a detail pic of the afghan (on a blue background, with bad lighting - but I'll take what I can get for now):

It isn't quite as golden as it looks in the picture, but that's the general idea. Even though I'm not a huge fan of mohair, I like what it does for the weight and texture of the afghan.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

another temptation

StitchDC is opening its second location, 1071 Wisconsin Ave, NW (in Georgetown) in February. Between that, Paper Source, and Five Guys, I shall have to be banned from G'town all together.

Afghan is coming along -- I've finished 1 1/2 of the 3 1/2 repeats, and it's very purpley. I've also spun almost all of my Solitude Farms fleece from Eastern Market, which will be about a bobbin full, which will then be Navajo plied. And now, it's time for cake.

Friday, January 21, 2005


So I have at least done some research on the Ab-Fabbish afghan that I plan to start this weekend (especially if there really is snow and sleet! Woo!) -- I have looked up the contents of the yarns that are used in the original pattern. And, in case you're curious, here they are:

Skye: an aran wool yarn. 4":18sts x 15 rows on 7s
Zanziba: wool/viscose boucle. 4":11sts x 16 rows on 10.75s
Wigwam: cotton tape. 4": 18sts x 25 rows on 9s
Fandango: fluffy cotton chenille. 4": 11sts x 16 rows on 10.75s
Mohair: mohair w/a bit of wool and nylon. 4": 18sts x 25 rows on 9s

Later today, I will try to motivate and send a picture of my yarns...

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

on the needles

Well, first of all, I just took a pair of wrist warmers off the needles. Karabella Aurora 8 is a fabulous yarn. Merino, superwash, worsted weight, pretty colors. I knitted a pair of short wrist warmers in eggplant for Tim to wear while running:

It was a simple knit: CO 32 sts on size 7 dpns, work in 2x2 rib for a few inches, knitting to the next to last stitch; slip last stitch onto first needle, then knit back and forth in pattern for 9 rows. On the 10th row, rejoin the work, and then knit in 2x2 for another inch or so and bind off. Ta dah!

I'm about to start a pair of socks in Plymouth Encore DK:

I will knit on size 5s, so it should be less painful than the last pair of socks, which were knit on 1s.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

yarn resolutions

Sounds like Paula and I have both resolved not to spend as much money on the knit/spin habit this year. This is probably just as well. We would both go broke if we kept enabling each other. I'm hoping to make it all the way to Sheep and Wool this year without making any fibery purchases. I have a couple of pounds of roving, and 4 tupperwares of yarn, so I think I can make it.

The holiday knitting seems to have gone over well, although Tim's grandmother was hoping for a hand knit blanket, and she got a store-bought blanket. Perhaps next year. Many hats and wrist warmers were knitted and bestowed upon people. The Rittrato shawl is oh-so-close to ready to be sent to its recipient. Phew.