Wednesday, June 23, 2004

So Much to Do, So Little Time

At work, I'm second-in-charge of getting all the med school candidates' application information together. The in-charge person is home in a cast, on bed rest, so work has suddenly gotten more stressful. I'm still finding a little time to knit and spin, but I'm just a little overworked, so I don't get around to writing about it. Until today, when it's rainy out, and I'm more than a little unmotivated.

I'm crocheting an edge on Charlotte. It's the most excruciating part of this process, because my crochet skills are practically non-existent, and also not very consistent, so I have to rip back simple chains more than I'd like. I'm 1/4 of the way through the final row that I plan to do, and also mostly out of yarn.

I restarted the Ritratto shawl. It's going better now that I'm anticipating the trouble that the multi-strand yarn will give me. I've also got 6" on the Sigma tank.

I finished a number of skeins of spun yarn this weekend, and will put the pics up soon. The wheel is starting to make more sense, and I'm getting better at intuitively fixing my tension, although my singles are still woefully overspun.

A yarn swift will be arriving at my house from Sweden some time soon. Woo!

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