Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Things I have left to do for the craft fair (off the top of my head):
-come up with a design concept for the booth
-make some bag/hat racks
-label and price painted yarns and knitted items
-stuff and sew mice
-make an inventory of what I'm selling, so I can track what sells
-finish a few hats and bags
-write up small bag pattern
-put together and write up 100 yd hat pattern (kid size of some variety)
-xerox patterns
-figure out how much to charge for handspun
-make labels for handspun
-get a bunch of small bills and change
-make signs or other eye catching display items for the booth

What I've made:
-4 wine totes
-5 or so felted bags
-3 dozen hand-dyed 100 yard skeins
-6 or so hats
-20 catnip mice
-a dozen or so dishcloths
-3 scarves

What else I'd like to make (in the next week - ha):
-small felted bags
-skeins of handspun


chelsea said...

Kate, I am so sorry that I will miss the fair! I will be off in the wilderness looking for butterflies (really). Please let me know how it goes (and if you have any of that hand-dyed goodness left over!)

paula said...

TWENTY mice? yikes! said...

Good luck with the craft fair today!

muse said...

I do needlepoint, very relaxing. Needs no thinking. It's just difficult to carry around if I don't have a large bag.