Sunday, May 15, 2005

more spinny

I spent most of the weekend playing Scrabble, but I did manage to get some spinning in today:

I plied some wool that I dyed with the black merino from Sheep and Wool. The colors include red, orange, green and purple, and they stand out nicely against the black. The beginning of the colored wool had gotten a little felted in the dyeing process, so I had to coax it into drafting and spinning. I imagined a stubborn, technicolor sheep as I spun it.

Also finished up some merino dyed awhile back:

Each skein is about 120 yards, and will self stripe from blue/purple to greens and back to blue/purple. Both should go up in the store some time, and we'll also be doing more dyeing next weekend, so there should be more sock yarns and others soon as well!


Anonymous said...

Great new stuff, Kate. I love the colors you have!


chelsea said...

I just spun up my first *real* batch of yarn (technically my second skein, but the first... was definitely a practice run).

Your blues and greens are positively inspirational!! And that black/technicolor looks very cool.