Thursday, October 06, 2005

Crafty Success!

A fine time was had at Crafty Bastards '05, and now much restocking must be done, which means more fun with dye in the near future - hoorah!

Here's a pic of the booth with two of our intrepid crafty vendors:

Blogger can apparently do something with images that I haven't tried before, so let's hope this works.

In other news, thanks to the new job, travel, and possibly dim sum on Sunday, I have spent the last four days horizontal and fighting a virus. All is not lost, though -- I finished knitting three hats, and got some work done on the boy's scarf. Knitting was about as much focus as I had, but it was enough! Kids' hats = instant gratification.


paula said...

craft fair this weekend is postponed, so more sleeping and studying for me!

what's blogger do? and how to get word verification? (not that I've ever gotten spammed...)

Lolly said...

your booth was so great! and it was great to see both of you there ;)