Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Getting things done

I've joined a local group of creative type journallers in a challenge to do some creating every day in November, as a kind of answer to the National Novel Writing Month phenomenon. Apparently, this has helped to motivate me even more than reading other knitblogs. I've actually finished projects that are months old, and have done some work toward the craft fair; namely, I have re-entered the mouse knitting season:

That little stack is the beginning of a larger menagerie that will be stuffed with catnip and on sale. If only they reproduced like their real-life counterparts.

I've also completed the arm warmers based on the Mikado fingerless glove pattern, except mine are fuzzy Suri Merino:

and I've embarked upon my fourth (they're addictive! they're good for xmas gifts!) Clapotis:

That one's hand-dyed superwash yarn, just like this stuff.

Progress! Woo!

1 comment:

chelsea said...

That wrister looks fantastic! so soft and fuzzy and WARM looking. :)