Thursday, January 05, 2006

miles and miles of fiber

So, 2006, eh? I guess it's time to clear the sidebar and start anew!

I added up the yardage I've documented in spun yarn for 2005 -- 5,862 yards. That's 3.3 miles of yarn. Neat. That also means 6.6 miles of singles, give or take, since all I've spun is two- and three-ply.

For this year, I have many fibery goals for myself:
1. learn how to spin reasonably balanced singles
2. use all three of the flyers for my wheel
3. take a spinning class, maybe, to work on these sorts of things
4. finish at least one lace shawl project
5. dye less felty merino (i.e., learn to exercise patience in dye process)
6. learn to dye blues more consistently (my colorways always eat blue)
7. keep track of mixed dye formulas for colors so that they can be replicated

Please excuse my lack of grammatical sense this morning. Not enough coffee yet, I guess, but I wanted to get these down.

And, if I can behave myself and budget it out, I hope to purchase a drum carder. I don't know if I can wait til post craft fair season. I will wait at least until Sheep and Wool, which I'm hoping that some local folks will want to trek down to (Anne? Jess? We can use my car, as long as someone else drives).

So, that's the beginning. The end of 2005 was a bit of gift knitting -- a couple of handspun hats, the completion of the Clapotis IV, and now I'm working on a scarf from my Brooks Farm yarn purchase (see picture above), all for me. I'm also spinning merino, and looking forward to creating a home for my yarn, which it'll have as soon as the new house is more put together.


anne (kniterati) said...

a friend and i have talked about going down to sheep and wool - it's a possibility. it's definitely in the back of my mind, since i won't be in exams this year - do you think we could crash with paula or one of the other team maryland folks?

paula said...

golly.. what is it with the talk of sheep and wool already? it's everywhere!

but yeah, sure.. free lodging for at least a couple people. we'll be here that weekend, and have many floors. (assuming marcel's ok with it!)

frecklegirl said...

Yeah... My friend Maya and I want to go!