Sunday, March 05, 2006

spinning at dizzying speeds

I just purchased a bunch of corriedale x rambouillet roving from eBay (specifically this seller), and it's turned out to be so great to spin that I can't stop spinning it.

I dyed this roving by painting colors on in a rainbowy order, spritzing it with vinegar, wrapping the roving in saran wrap, and steaming it over water on the stovetop. I let it steam for about 45 minutes as I was dyeing yarns, and was patient enough, for a change, to let it cool before I rinsed it, which meant less felting.

This is what it became -- about 200 yards of navajo plied, rainbowy goodness. It's not as soft as merino, but it's still against-the-skin soft (I wore the skein around my neck for awhile yesterday to test it).

My current plan is to knit the Child's Rainbow Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, which is essentially a mistake rib scarf that alternates two self-striping yarns. I'm thinking I'll knit two rows of this handspun against two rows of a black wool with rainbowy silk noils that I spun:

I'm hoping that that works out. I'm on a handspun scarf kick right now. I have one in process (my cormo roving that I spun forever ago, in a farrow rib), and this one and another about to hit the needles. Mmm handspun.

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