Friday, December 19, 2008

winter break plans

So, I have 16 days of vacation! Some of them will be taken up by traveling, but a fair amount of the traveling also allows for knitting. I spent a good hour staring at my boxes of yarn and shelves of patterns. Here's what I think I'll try to work on:

Japanese Vines in a Louet that I dyed awhile ago and haven't found a use for.
Turn a Square Hat - Cascade and Berocco Jasper
a pair of wristers for the sister in law - maybe swirling gauntlets (rav link)?
A red-friendly scarf for a Red Sox Traveling Scarf project...

Basically, I'm just shoving a bunch of yarn, all my double points and size 5-8 circs in my bag. Luckily, there's a yarn store nearby when I'm home in case I need extra supplies, plus the sister has knitting stuff I can steal from.

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paula said...

you have the japanese vines pattern? if not, I have ten to sell at craft fairs.. can mail it to you...