Wednesday, August 11, 2004

new york bound

Life is busy. I have been away from home for the past two weekends (moving someone to NYC, tanning in Ocean City), and will be away again this weekend, moving another someone around in NYC. To this end, I have started a car-worthy knitting project. I'm knitting a variation on Knitty's Top Secret (the link's in the sidebar - I'm too lazy to html it again), with Berella Polar in Aqua/Sage/Denim. I've knit up hats in the yarn before, and it's quick, springily-textured, washable, and not too itchy. I swatched the thing on 10 1/2s straight, and the gauge was around 2.75 st/in, so I revised the pattern around that gauge and cast on 114 stitches, which would've been equivalent to the diameter of the pattern at a 36" bust. After a couple of inches on knitting in the round, I checked the gauge and it magically changed to 3 st/in, so rather than rip it and restart, I re-engineered it again to be a straight body rather than a-line. It'll still be lovely. I'm especially pleased to have a sweater with bell sleeves.

Am also knitting for a craft fair, and am back to working up some felted catnip mice. I inherited two fleeces from a friend of mine, and have also borrowed her combs and cards, so I can experiment with carding and spinning, and then working up mice, which are felted and don't have to be soft, so it's a nice combination. There are still 2 pounds of Finn to dye in my living room. If I'm ever around for a weekend, I'll get to that as well.

I miss knitting with people. I will have to make it to a local group some time soon.


paula said...

oooh- I have a 100% mohair topsecret with a straight body.. in a box somewhere! maybe someday I'll finish it! I just have a sleeve and the yoke to do.

thanks again for the magazine!

chelsea said...

Hi Kate, 'found the blog with no trouble! Can't wait to see the beautiful Berella all knitted up... may have to make a little trip to smiley's to get some of my own!