Thursday, August 19, 2004

tank girl

I had a lovely time at the knitting night last night at Mayorga, and again suffered the guilt of ignoring my little blog. Big projects right now are gearing up for a potential craft fair in DC, and the continued card-spin-knit sort of yarn. I have a huge bag of fleece hanging out in the living room, and I am fascinated by the metamorphosis that the wool takes. So far, the yarn has been full of burrs, because I'm lazy and don't work that hard to get them out of the fluff, but the colors are lovely, and I like the feel of the natural sheepy oils on my hands.

In the world of knitting, the Berella sweater is coming along, as are a multitude of scarves and other smaller projects. Here's the finished tank, now that I remembered to take a picture of it:

I'm pretty pleased with it, especially since I was making up my pattern as I went along once I hit the neck.

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purlewe said...

I think your tank looks really nice.. fits you great and is a wonderful color!! kudos!