Saturday, December 18, 2004

inspiration needed

Awhile ago, wanting a warm yarn to knit with, I ordered two skeins of Reynolds Andean Alpaca 4-ply:

I thought it wanted to be arm warmers, but turns out, it doesn't, at least not on size 8 needles in 2x2 rib. Does anyone else have an idea for what it wants to be? I have 220 yards, and it knits 4.5 st/in on 8s.

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paula said...

not sure, but alpaca... doesn't have the springiness of wool. It might sorta stretch out of shape after a while. Not sure. I knit some hats with a strand each of wool + alpaca, and that was great... marcel has one and loves it! first knit thing for him that he didn't hate! :) I also made apaca scarves. that doesn't help, but I'd make something where it didn't matter if it wasn't stretchy/tight after a while..

I have (part of) spinny gifts! You free after work tomorrow?