Wednesday, January 12, 2005

yarn resolutions

Sounds like Paula and I have both resolved not to spend as much money on the knit/spin habit this year. This is probably just as well. We would both go broke if we kept enabling each other. I'm hoping to make it all the way to Sheep and Wool this year without making any fibery purchases. I have a couple of pounds of roving, and 4 tupperwares of yarn, so I think I can make it.

The holiday knitting seems to have gone over well, although Tim's grandmother was hoping for a hand knit blanket, and she got a store-bought blanket. Perhaps next year. Many hats and wrist warmers were knitted and bestowed upon people. The Rittrato shawl is oh-so-close to ready to be sent to its recipient. Phew.

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paula said...

hehe.. wrong answer! we're having a fiber party mid-february! :)

if you want to try and dye a hella lot of that yarn and put some up on the site in hopes of extra cash, the ad's running the week of the 28th.. we could have a dyeing party!

woo! parties! woo! need to get out more...