Friday, January 21, 2005


So I have at least done some research on the Ab-Fabbish afghan that I plan to start this weekend (especially if there really is snow and sleet! Woo!) -- I have looked up the contents of the yarns that are used in the original pattern. And, in case you're curious, here they are:

Skye: an aran wool yarn. 4":18sts x 15 rows on 7s
Zanziba: wool/viscose boucle. 4":11sts x 16 rows on 10.75s
Wigwam: cotton tape. 4": 18sts x 25 rows on 9s
Fandango: fluffy cotton chenille. 4": 11sts x 16 rows on 10.75s
Mohair: mohair w/a bit of wool and nylon. 4": 18sts x 25 rows on 9s

Later today, I will try to motivate and send a picture of my yarns...

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paula said...

which pattern are you doing?

I need some motivation to keep going with mine- the "fun" yarns are so not working any more!