Friday, April 22, 2005

craft fair prep

Last night, I skipped out on the opera (Julius Caesar -- I'm a little sad to miss it, but I'm going to La Boheme tonight, so I will get my fill). I spent a good hour banding yarns and sticking labels to them so that our yarns would be all ready for the Visions in Feminism craft fair:

I like the look of them - not too cluttered (I have a habit of cluttering up any space that I have, both in my closets and in my design concepts for things), pertinent information, descriptions of yarns that aren't too cheesy.

I also made up a little sign to tell potential customers how much yarn they may need for different projects:

How much yarn does it take to make…

A kid’s hat? Sport weight: 160 yards/Worsted weight: 120 yards
An adult’s hat? Sport weight: 220 yards/Worsted weight: 180 yards
Kid mittens? Sport weight: 95 yards/Worsted weight: 75 yards
Adult mittens? Sport weight: 220 yards/Worsted weight: 160 yards
Kid socks? Fingering weight: 200 yards/Sport weight: 150 yards
Adult socks? Fingering weight: 400 yards/Sport weight: 250 yards
A baby sweater? Sport weight: 500 yards/Worsted weight: 450 yards
A kid sweater? Sport weight: 900 yards/Worsted weight: 800 yards
A 6” x 40” scarf? Worsted weight: 150 yards/Bulky weight: 100 yards

I mostly used the Ann Budd yarn guide card thingie, and rounded the numbers a bit. I guess I could double check through some patterns to be sure that these seem accurate.

I'm getting excited for the prospect of craft fairs. I like the prep, I like setting up the booth, I like talking to people about knitting. Selling things would be nice, at least enough to cover booth fees, but mostly, I just like it for the atmosphere, and to justify my new yarn dyeing habit.


Lauren said...

Ah, these yarns are FABULOUS, Kate! Oh, I will be really short on time, but I really want to make it to the fair...

You will see my sister in La Boheme! She is a whore! :P I am going to see it on Sunday afternoon... but my parents are going tonight. So, you can sit in the auditorium and realize that my parents are there :)

Can you email me with the info about where the fair is tomorrow? I am going to try my darndest to skip away for a minute and get over there (

chelsea said...

Kate! I second Lolly... the yarns do look fabuloso!! If only I weren't going riding tomorrow ;)

Will any leftovers end up on woolarina? The colors are too dreamy to miss.

Amy said...

What beautiful yarns and colorways! The "how much yarn" chart/guide is a great idea, too, and should really help prospective buyers.

emy said...

Those yarns looks lovely. I want them all! *drool*