Sunday, April 24, 2005


The craft fair was a success, thanks in part to Lolly, who stopped by to say hello and pick up some yarn. It really makes a difference when people we know come by (even if we don't know them in real life!) -- breaks up the day a little, and gives us another fiber-holic to bond with. One of the women working at another craft table also works at Woolwinders, so we got to chat with her a bit about yarn, and she grabbed a skein of our fiery worsted wool yarn, kinda like this one. We glanced over at her table a little later and saw her winding it up, while a friend dutifully sat with the skein draped across her arms.

After both of the craft fairs that I've done, I've been inspired to knit and spin. Last night at Barnes & Noble, I picked up a copy of Stephanie's book, which I look forward to reading for the next little bit, and getting signed at Sheep and Wool. This morning, I worked up a bobbin of rainbowy roving. I'm also hoping to cast on a wine tote later today. Time to restock them for the booth! We'll see what my hands think of Lamb's Pride during the summer.. maybe I'll try em out with Cascade instead this time.


Lauren said...

Absolutely great to meet you and Paula yesterday, Kate. I am so happy with the yarn I got... just love it! You two really have some beautiful stuff.

I hope the rest of the evening went well, and I will see you very soon at Sheep & Wool! :)


Moni said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comments about my mohair sweater :). Wow, are you the one lolly bought yarn from over the weekend? Your yarn is lovely!