Friday, July 01, 2005

spinning stays constant

Things are very up in the air in my life right now, and I have very little control over which way they're going to go. I do, however, have control of the tension of my wheel, the weights of the yarns I'm going to spin, the rhythm of the treadle, and all of this has been very comforting over the past week or so.

Every day, coming home from work, I'm faced with many tasks around the house that I could, and perhaps should, be doing. I've been trying to get a load of dishes, dirty in the sink, to clean in the drying rack, or I don my workout clothes and brave the humidity that makes my lungs poke at me and ask me what I'm doing, biking in 87 degree weather. But mostly, I sit at my wheel, which has found a permanent place in my tv room, turn on a disc of West Wing, and spin from the beginning of a ball of roving to the end.

This week, I've made these:

They will make the fluffiest, softest hats, and they are what has kept me sane.

This weekend, Paula and I will dye some more merino, which is great, since I'm out at this point, and I will once again have pictures of big, bright balls of yarn potential. And maybe I'll be able to stop thinking about everything else, just for a few hours.


Lauren said...

Your handspun is lovely, as always, Kate!

I hope things calm down a little this weekend and you are able to enjoy your time dyeing :)

Take care

Anne said...

Gorgeous as always!! I've been spinning today, too, and I do find it incredibly calming - it's hard to think about anything else when you have to concentrate on your twist and drafting. It helps take my mind of a (similar) stress enormously. If I finish up all the white wool I've been spinning, I might do a bit of Kool-Aid dyeing this weekend. said...

I figure that's why I knit - to at least have control over one thing in my life.