Thursday, June 23, 2005


Time is racing by, perhaps even wearing rollerskates or some such. Between travel, work, an upcoming wedding, and an ill family member, much has kept me busy, but has also kept me knitting for my sanity. I have been toting Clapotis III around with me, and am about halfway through. My dye job on this batch of yarn (darn superwash - never dyes quite as I hope it will) is lighter in one skein than the other, and it stands out to me as I look at the last 25 rows or so that I've finished since switching skeins. I don't think it's feasible to rip back a Clapotis, so I will just have one swath that's a little less color-intense than others. The way that it hangs, I don't think anyone will notice much. Of course, I'll know, which is enough to make me slightly insane, but eventually, it'll just become part of the character of the piece.

Back to Chicago this weekend, and then a week in the basement of the library, helping new students put together class schedules. The excitement never ends.

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Lauren said...

I hope things calm down for you soon, Kate. Get well wishes for your family member too.

Oh my, your statement about the basement advisements sessions brings back memories! Do they still do it in the basement of the library where the Learning Center is? my my

Have a good one!