Sunday, March 05, 2006

sweater finishing

okay, so I still haven't finished my raglan cardigan, mostly because I'm now torn on how to do the button band. I've knit the top and bottom and sleeve edges in seed stitch. I've picked up the stitches to knit the band to which I'll sew the buttons. My question is, should I:

a) just knit the bottoms and tops in seed, and 5 or so rows in stockinette, and end with two rows of seed stitch;
b) knit the bottoms and tops in seed stitch, and the rest in rib;
c) knit the whole thing in seed stitch

I'm leaning towards (a), because I think it'll reduce the bulkiness of the band (since I'll have the one with the buttonholes overlapping, and I plan to do that one in seed, I think) but I can't seem to find other sweater patterns that show the button band in stockinette. Will some kind of horrible rolling occur? Will the gauge of st st be so far off from the seed stitch that it'll look funny? Am I being silly about the bulkiness, and ignore it in favor of doing the whole thing in seed stitch?

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Jessica said...


I would think that a stockinette button band would roll... why do you think the seed stitch would be too bulky?

what about going down a couple needle sizes?