Sunday, April 02, 2006

raiding the warehouse

Classic Elite's warehouse is located about half an hour from my house. My blogless friend Jenn tipped me off to a big sale this Friday and Saturday, and I managed to find time to go. I wanted to spend $200 or less. It's amazing what you can get for that:

10 balls of Phoenix in Black Ash, to make a shawl for my grandmother.

10 skeins of Premier (pima cotton blended with Tencel, 50 grams/108 yards, Gauge: 5.25 sts = 1", #6 needle) for summer shell.

10 skeins of Wings in deep blue ("The hollow core technology of Wings makes this yarn perfect for lightweight but warm garments, and intricately cabled designs that would be heavy if knit in conventional yarns. In addition, the alpacas/silk/wool blend gives it a cashmere-like hand. This yarn is 15% hollow; each ply has a hollow center that holds a layer of air, like goose down, for warmth without weight." 55% Alpaca/23% Silk/22% Wool, 109 yards/skein, Gauge: 4 1/2 sts. = 1" on #7 needles) for a sweater, plus 20 skeins undyed Wings to make sure that I have enough for a sweater, and to sell in the store.

And 12 skeins of Imagine, which is the yarn I used to make my summer tank a couple of years ago that I love.

So, that's 62 skeins of yarn, for right around $200 -- definitely worth the drive to Lowell.


paula said...

wow- looks like a lot of yarn!! yay for deals!

Jessica said...

Good stuff! :) said...

If I lived so close to Classic Elite's warehouse, they'd need a court order to keep me from moving in :-) I threatened once to move to Macy's after visiting it in San Frnaciso.