Wednesday, July 26, 2006

is this thing on?

I haven't been knitting much, hence lack of posts, but I have finished almost-one and the beginning of a second jaywalker, plus 9 repeats of a flower basket shawl. I didn't finish the jaywalker because I'm paranoid about running out of yarn, so left the toe and started the second, so I can use a different yarn for both toes if need be.

I'm also trying to gear back up into craft fair mode. I spun 300 yards of a wonderful merino/silk blend from Bonkers Fiber that will probably be too pricey for anyone to want, but it'll go in the for sale pile for awhile at least. I'm trying to figure out what I dyed last time I dyed, as very little of it is labelled and it's from, oh, May or so. Argh.

My yarns will be at the Lowell Folk Fest on Saturday and Sunday of this week, and I'll be joining them there on Sunday. I'm playing in a Scrabble tournament on Saturday, so the lovely Dharia will be wool-sitting for me. Exciting stuff! Hopefully everything will be accounted for by then.

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