Monday, August 14, 2006


I'm thinking about taking this show over to, but haven't decided yet, so I'll just doublepost for awhile until I do, I guess...

I've been doing a lot of spinning recently, prepping for craft fairs, and the weather finally broke, so I threw some dyeing in there as well. You'll have to excuse the lame composite picture, which I threw together with my graphics program, which I don't know how to use. I've had fun experimenting with various fibers recently -- the middle left is a silk/merino, and the bottom left is some random fiber I bought at NH Sheep and Wool. I'm always glad to return to merino, though, and everything else in that picture is merino. The green is from Dharia at skeintily clad, who lent me roving to spin at the Lowell Folk Fest. The jewel tone roving at top and middle right is what I'm working on right now -- dyed by steaming in a saran wrap packet on the stovetop, which is my favorite way to do 4oz packets of roving. I think it'll become hat kits. The bottom right is way prettier than that photo makes it look. Must work on photo and photo shopping skills.

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Kathy said...

They all look lovely! The purples and greens work really well together, and that brown bit in the corner looks really rich and deep.