Saturday, January 23, 2010

back to the dyepot

I'm trying to get some yarns done for Homespun Yarn Party - someday, I'll get ambitious and create a similar event up here on the Seacoast.

I think it's time to really start recording how I make some of these colors. It'd be nice to be able to replicate some of my efforts, sometimes. Right now, I have a pretty good instinct for how much water to how much dye, and which colors to blend to make new ones that go together, but sometimes I'm sad when the yarns go off to sale knowing I'll never be able to make ones I like again.

These guys are springy colors, since I'm starting to yearn for spring. The bottom picture is my friend Emily's first attempt at dyeing - I love the eggplanty colors together and some of the blends that her different colors made when they ran into each other.

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Meganne said...

Gorgeous! And thanks for saving my mitts with the roving- I'll finish them in time for the cold weather this weekend, and then maybe I can finish my Nimbus sweater in time for Spa! Sounds like you guys are having fun downstairs...