Tuesday, January 12, 2010


My Knitting Year Resolutions:

1. to post something here at least once a month. even if it means no pictures and mundane text. just get something here so that i don't forget that it exists.

2. be more active in woolarina. dye more. knit more. bust through the stash with some handknits out of all the handspun that i'm accumulating. this should be even more fun now that i have my own drum carder*.

3. get to at least one fiber gathering, whether it's spa or nh sheep & wool or rhinebeck or something. it'd be nice to just be immersed in fiberness for a weekend to stay in touch.

*the husband bought me a louet carder for xmas. gold star for husband! i'm still trying to figure out how to use it well (ie so that it makes decent batts, of a good thickness, without being scared that i'll break the crank mechanism).


craftivore said...

More is more, I like your resolutions. Meganne thinks we should have a carful of people going up to the Spa together for the day, what do you think?

Meganne Fabrega said...

Thanks for coming Monday night! I wish I could have had a better chance to look at your project. As Spa gets closer let's talk carpool!