Tuesday, May 23, 2006

NHS&W - Vicarious Shopping

A couple of weekends ago now (I'm slow to post), my sister was in town from Chicago. Since she lives in the Big City, she doesn't often have a chance to see things like a small town fiber fest, so we slogged out in nasty, rainy weather, an hour and a half north to the NH Sheep & Wool Festival. She finally has a break from school, so she'll have time to get back to spinning and knitting, and has little access to roving. Despite the rain, she seemed to love the experience, and came back with at least a couple pounds of various handpaints, including a Totally Tubular from Carolina Handspun, which is the first thing I spun on the wheel she now owns. Unfortunately, the rain was too awful to stay for sheepdog trials or see much outside the vendor barns (aside from some rather beleaguered alpacas). I've apparently gotten pickier as a fiberfest veteran and hand-dyer -- I only picked up a 4 oz ball of red/black roving, and some wedding gifties for Paula. I think I got more out of watching her shop and enjoy herself than anything else, and that was fine with me.

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trek said...

What a wonderful sheepy picture.