Monday, May 08, 2006


The Dye-O-Rama goodness has begun! I've received email from both the giver and receiver of the yarns, which means I may actually end up in a happy secret swapping scenario, unlike my single attempt at secret palling.

Also, I just learned that NH Sheep & Wool is this weekend, and only an hour and a half from home! I don't know if I can pass it up. Mmmm fiber. Plus, it's going to be AlpacaFest, and who can pass up an AlpacaFest? My sister and fellow fiber-type will be visiting, so it'd be a fun chance to show her a new dimension to the madness.

Not a lot else to report. I'm in a knitting rut, although I just dyed a bunch of merino, so at least I have some spinning to keep me going. Jess has me intrigued with socks on 2 circs, so maybe that'll be the next endeavor. Right now, I'm just trying to catch up with work after an Air Force-sponsored trip to Texas. No yarn to be had, but i got to see the Alamo!

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Dharia said...

heya -
i'm planning on going to NH this weekend! let me know if you want to drive up together.