Thursday, May 18, 2006

Oh, the choices

I've taken quite the hiatus from knitting. ALl I've been doing are hats. I figure I should get some more substantial projects moving, as the stash is piling up. So, here's what's on the agenda:

the Evening in Eden shawl pattern forced me to purchase it at Wild & Wooly today. It's a 16 stitch repeat, which is manageable, it'a a rectangular shawl, and it's written for three gauges, which makes the pattern more flexible (or at least allows me to have to think less). This may finally be what I use the giant skein of handpaint for.

Bonnie's Brooks Farm scarf is inspiring me to do something lacy and scarflike with some merino/mohair that I just dyed. It's very mother-of-pearly yarn, all shimmery and barely colored, and I think it was look great in this kind of lace.

Jessica has convinced me to revisit socks using two circs to the point that I managed to buy the circs and load some languishing sock (well, at least languising small piece of sock) that I started a year ago on to them. They're size 5s, so at least they move quickly. I had to laugh when reading the Yarn Harlot's Knitting Rules book, at the mention of toes being on average about 1.5" long as you estimate sock knitting. I just measured my longest toe and it's a good inch longer than that. If anyone out there has evidence that they have a toe longer than 2.5", send it to me [the evidence, not the toe] and first person who does, I'll send you a prize.

Not that I'm giving up my bulky, handdyed, handspun merino hats. They're just too perfect for travel and a great party trick, since I tend to start them when I arrive somewhere and nearly finish them once I'm ready to leave. In fact, sometimes I use not having my double points to decrease as an excuse to go home when I'm feeling antisocial. Knitting is good for that sort of subterfuge.

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