Monday, May 24, 2004

81 rows and a finished Fiona

I'm now waiting for my last color of Koigu to arrive. I decided that it was too dark, after all, and ordered a skein of color 436 (lighter purple with some greens) for some contrast. I have used 3 colors so far, then this light one, and my fifth colorway will likely combine two or three different yarns. My other big projects (a shawl and an afghan) are also purple colorways. I think I may actually get tired of working in purples soon.

Finished Fiona this weekend, and even managed to sew up an inner lining. She is currently holding my lunch:

As one project finishes, another restarts. I was halfway through the Lace Lopi scarf from Weekend Knits, and started my second skein. The skeins were purchased at the Dupont Circle Farmer's Market, with the same dye lot number, but also handspun and hand dyed, and apparently the dye wasn't so uniform. The second skein was noticeably greener than the first, to the degree that I couldn't justify finishing it up and having a two-tone scarf. So, I ripped out the first half (I don't think I even took a picture to chronicle the original progress), and am now reknitting it in mistake rib (CO an odd number, then every row: k2, p1 to last st, k1), alternating each color every two rows. Bah. I definitely want to knit up the lace lopi though -- I really liked the way it looked.

Final project of the weekend: Circular Needle Holder. Sewed up with the help of a friend, and now hanging happily in my craft/guest room. Hooray!

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