Friday, May 21, 2004


Went out to dinner, then to the theater. Dinner didn't like me, so we left at intermission, and stopped for bubble tea, which soothes my stomach, or at least makes me forget that it hurts for awhile. Unfortunately, I chose a coffee/black tea combo bubble tea, so now I'm sleepy and caffeinated, which means just a little too much awakeness to get to bed. I am resisting all urges to pick Charlotte up and work on her, because I know I'm not alert enough for that right now.

Really, though, the shawl is coming along very nicely. I'm in the 60s, which means about half the stitches are now on the needles. Many thanks go out to Jenny and Uli, whose charts have helped me stay on track. Uli also notes that, "By the time you are done with Charlotte you will have knitted 24,486 stitches. (obviously not counting and frogging, ripping, knitting backwards or re-knitting)." Whee! In terms of percentages, I'm barely at 15, if that. I am marking on my chart how far I knit each day, to keep a running log, of sorts.

I also just found the pant-along -- this blogging world is dangerous. I'm holding off on my pants since I won't want to wear them until the weather cools down anyway, but looking at everyone else's makes me want to pick them back up again (I've done all of 2" of legs so far, knitting both legs at once to try to keep them an equal length).

Camera still stranded at work. Feeling the need to post pictures, here is a composite of my latest Kool-Aid Dyeing:

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