Thursday, May 20, 2004

Mayorga Madness

I had fun at the knitting meetup last night, even if Tim did order me the wrong Italian soda (when I said green, I meant lime or kiwi, not mouthwashesque mint. Oh well. Got a coconut milk bubble tea on the way home to make up for it). There were 10-ish people, many of whom had been there last month, and it's a good little group. Very friendly and talkative, and my general age group. Chatted about projects, patterns, Interweave knits, changing style preferences, cicadas, Mormons, and the like. Makes me happy. Now if only the knit n' wine group would pick up a bit, I'd have plenty of social knitting outlets.

I took Charlotte along to the meetup, largely because I had been knitting more mindless projects (socks and lace lopi scarf) all day at jury duty. I also brought along Fiona, who just needs her i-cords applied, and a lining added. I also have my sewing-friendly friend coming over on Saturday to help put together a circular holder. Time for another run to Joann's, which is just a few blocks away, happily. Charlotte is coming along a lot better this time -- I ripped her all the way back to nothing at row 33ish, after being two stitches short, not really understanding the pattern, and deciding that starting over may be the easiest way to get more acquainted with the mechanics. This time around, I'm up to 90something stitches, and have done some error correction without going insane, so this seems promising. I don't think I'm going to stick with the color directives, though.

I also have a new houseguest accomplice to my fibery exploits, but that will be better described with pictures, and my digital camera was at work while I was at home yesterday, so that will have to wait.

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