Tuesday, May 18, 2004


I've never worked in lace, but Koigu was on such a sale at MS&W, and Charlotte is so beautiful, that I'm embarking on the challenge. All of my yarns are very purpley -- we'll see how they all work together. I also don't have five full skeins, but rather six or seven part-skeins, so my colorway will definitely be unique! Here are some of the colors that'll be involved:

I went through the pattern last night and rewrote it into a word doc table, so that I could visualize how everything worked out (it's written all squished together, and I wanted everything on separate lines, centered around the center stitch). Once I did that, it made pretty decent sense, so I casted on and have done all of 20 rows. Quite a ways to go, but it's fun so far, and I love watching the colors change!

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