Tuesday, February 15, 2005

the dyes have arrived

Although I accidentally left all of the squeeze bottles in NYC (they'll be winging their way to Maryland today, hopefully), the Prochem dyes and soap and citric acid crystals have all arrived!

And then the mailperson brought these:

I think that next weekend will be the beginning of DyeFest (or was it this weekend? Paula will remind me...)

This week is also meetup, and I hope to make it there tomorrow, for a change.


Lauren said...

Oh, that looks fun! I would love to learn more about dyeing...

paula said...

oh my goodness! I SO CANNOT WAIT!!! I hope the yarn comes soon- it shipped the 10th.

need a ride to meetup? might be able to check out the thrift shop on 193 beforehand..

and when did blogger change? and how to get pictures? sooo much more interesting than work today..

paula said...

oh, I *do* have a picture... hmmmm.