Thursday, February 24, 2005


Someone out there is doing something with my pretty blue merino handspun, which was purchased from the Folk Art Studio in Bowie. One of my felted bags also sold. I am now remotivated to spin and knit more (and get the dyed yarns ready to put up on the website -- if I can earn enough money to support my habit hobby, I will be thrilled.

And, since I don't have pictures of anything current in my office, I bring you sheep in shirts from last year's Sheep and Wool Fest:

Just a few months away, and the website has been updated!


paula said...

oh NO!!! I will be out of the country that weekend. :( devastating news! What will I do? Maybe I'll have to look in VA or rhinebeck this year..

Lauren said...

I am so glad some of your stuff sold at FAS! It was all very nice!

Can't wait to the festival--I am so excited!