Monday, February 28, 2005

secret no more

A sweater has been achieved! The Top Secret sweater had become a trademark, of sorts. It accompanied me to meetup back in August, it went to many other knitting events, including a yarn party this past weekend. It was reconfigured and its pattern changed (I went from the Knitty pattern to the Ann Budd book's sweater pattern) and now it is done. Which is not to say that it didn't put up a fight.

After finishing it up (and it was done in the Elizabeth Zimmerman style in the round, so there was very little finishing to begin with), the sleeves were a couple of inches too short. So, I unravelled from the cast-on end of one sleeve (which is a big, big pain, since the stitches don't just undo themselves, but rather need to be coerced), and added a few rows of seed stitch, which was my pattern for the sleeves largely because the pattern's call for 4 rounds of purl wasn't stopping my sweater from rolling. At that point, there were 7 rounds of seed, which was just too many for a sleeve edge. So, I unravelled what I'd knit, and then the rest of the seed, and did a few rows each of stockinette and rib instead. Then, I noticed that I'd missed half a row of seed, and re-unravelled, and finally fixed everything. The second sleeve took a little less time to fix, but by then, my wrist was killing me. I couldn't just stop, though, so I went against what I'm sure is common wisdom and put on my wrist brace and finished up.

Good thing that worked, 'cause here's the remaining yarn after finishing the sweater:

And now, these two yarns need to become something:

I tried a simple scarf, but I don't think I like the way they interact:

Any ideas?


Christina said...

What, we don't get to see it? You suck.

paula said...

yay for finishing sweaters! and using up yarn!