Tuesday, February 15, 2005

in need of some acrylic?

I don't know how I manage to accumulate so much acrylic yarn. A lot of it is from non-knitters who somehow end up with yarn and give it to me. Some of it I've had for awhile. In any case, I want it to go away. I don't know if this ugly link will work, but I think that if you go here, you will see five yarn auctions, and one auction for a pair of boots. If not, search by seller, and my seller ID is k8fc, and you'll see all of the yarns that are cluttering up my living room until they sell. I just donated a huge box of yarn to charity, so I feel like I can try to get a little back for the current lot.

Also, I'm home today, which means some knitting has been accomplished. I'm almost done with the second of my to-be-felted clogs. This pic is one of the last steps of knitting the first one, which required a three-needle bind-off with size 13 needles. Ick.

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paula said...

poor boots.. I've been looking for YEARS now for boots that are not too tall heelwise and are comfy and fit my (really not that large!) calves. another unsuccessful year. :(