Thursday, February 03, 2005

to dye for

Paula and I went to a dye workshop at Dancing Leaf Farms last weekend, and it was fabulous! We got some good tips on dye technique, but mostly, it was great to see a small, fiber-centered business thriving. I want a dye kitchen in my basement! After the workshop, we dyed a bunch of roving in my normal, old kitchen, and it's gotten me back into spinning more than I had been recently.

I threw some locks into the dyepot after most of the dye was exhausted, and apparently, there was mostly green left over:

The locks were free from the friend of mine who sold me the wheel -- pretty jumbled up, so they mostly make very rough, wool yarn. I've enjoyed learning a little about processing from carding and/or combing them, but the yarn isn't good for much outside of felted pet toys. In any case, they spun up into 185 yards of this:

And now I'm working on turning this:

into this:

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paula said...

yay dsl!! yay pictures!!

I love the purple with the bits of green! so pretty!