Wednesday, February 09, 2005

i am for sale

k8knits handspun and woolarina handspun yarns are both on sale at the Bowie Folk Art Studio right now! About six skeins of mine and a couple of felted bags, have finally left my house and gone out to see the world, freeing up some space in my storage tubs. Between the yarn diet and the sending my stuff away, I'm down to 3 giant Tupperwares instead of four. It's a good feeling. However, once I actually get my yarns organized (i.e., not all over the floor, stuffed in bags and baskets and computer paper boxes), I will likely have refilled the fourth, but at least it'll be organized. That will be a project to be done during Project Runway and West Wing this evening.

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Lauren said...

HI Kate! I am hoping to get to FAS soon and see the yarn. Don't you just love that place? I think that I could do their publicity--I am always talking them up! :)

Hope your week is going well!