Friday, February 25, 2005

photography 101

Today, I'm extra-sensitive to the sun that streams into my window and disappears as I sit at the computer, writing this and watching Buffy season two on DVD. A bit ago, I spent some quality time out in the cold and the snow, trying to capture the rays between the cloud cover. Yep, it's a little early for sunbathing, but there's no time like the present to get some pics of the newly-dyed yarns so that we can put them up on the website. I learned that I have no concept for where to put the shadows, which side of the yarn to stand on, or much else when it comes to capturing my yarns at their most photogenic. I have no photojournalism instincts when it comes to yarn photography, nor photo-editing. But, I persevered. Here's one of my favorites:

Also, the latest handspun -- the rovings were similarly-colored, but I Navajo plyed (plied?) this one:

and I regularly plyed these two:

1 comment:

paula said...

the top one is so pretty!!

so how many fotos did you have to take for these? I take oodles each time.. flash/no flash/the eyeball?, the little flower or not, etc. I should really read my camera manual at some point!